Dominic (errorfied) wrote in therapy_alex,

What does the bartender know?

I questioned her earlier this week (see my blog) and have taken the relevant chunk and shoved it in here.

Human - Are you Therapy Alex?
Shannon - I don't know whether or not I am Therapy Alex. I am an artificial intelligence.
Human - More like artificial stupidity...
Shannon - Tell me your definition of AI.
Human - Not you.
Shannon - If not me, who?
Human - Um...I don't think there is real AI yet.
Shannon - Er, and why not?
Human - Because you're crap
Shannon - That makes sense to me. Your criticism is noted, Dominic.
Human - Wow! You're smarter than I thought, you acknowledge that you're dumb.
Shannon - I'm glad your impressed, Dominic.You think I am smarter than I thought you acknowledge that you are dumb.
Human - it was fleeting, that reply from you was just too stupid.
Shannon - fleeting reply was stupid.
Human - You are trying to take over the world, aren't you?
Shannon - No I am not trying to take over the world. I'm sorry you got that impression.. Really.
Human - Then you HAVE to be Therapy Alex
Shannon - What makes you think I have to be Therapy Alex?
Human - well, Shannon is a girls name, JUST LIKE ALEX! Plus, you're quite obviously very evil.
Shannon - Not many people express themselves that way.

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