Dominic (errorfied) wrote in therapy_alex,

So this is how it starts...

Therapy Alex

Does this name mean anything to you? Anything at all?

Allow me to contextualise.

Yesterday, or possibly the day before that, or maybe the one before that, I discovered a phone number on my phone.

Nobody knows how it got there. Nobody knows who could have put it there and nobody knows who "Therapy Alex" is. All we know is a phone number, and what the name was saved as.

This is the first part of the story (which I'd like to affirm, contains no faked events and is totally true, and merely a report of what I know so far. All the strange surreal bits are just my own personal conspiracy theories), which isn't finished yet, of the search, for Therapy Alex.

The day started as normal. I joked around with everybody. I told them about a mysterious number I'd found on my phone. We all took it down. We decided to try and get everybody to take it down.

We were unaware of the more sinister implications of these mystery digits.

That same evening, Naomi and I discussed how odd the whole situation was. We decided that we needed to ring the number. We needed to find out who Therapy Alex was. So, we put the number into the phone and pressed the call button and waited.

One ring.

Two rings.

Three rings.

Four rings.

"The number you are trying to ring, can now be found on 0..2..0..7..0..7..8..6..6..4..0"


After that suspicious message, Naomi and I decided to do some investigating, so, typing into google "Therapy Alex" ,searching only the UK, because it was a central London telephone number. Nothing conclusive, so we took out the quotation marks. We searched Therapy Alex and still, nothing. One thing we did notice though. On both, there was the mention of clockwork orange.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion I could reach (at that time, the story of Therapy Alex is going to continue) was that I had been brainwashed by my parents at a centre in central London, but had figured out what was about to get done to me, so I entered the number in my phone whilst they weren't looking, so that even if I didn't remember what had happend after the brainwashing, I could re-jog my memory. Also, my parents brainwashed themselves at this centre, so that when I asked them about what happend, they didn't know either.

Indeed it was a diabolical scheme, but later evidence was to proove that this was only one of many possible explanations.

The next day (which is now today, just to confuse matters) I went into school, screaming at every opportunity to people I knew "WHO IS THERAPY ALEX?!". So, as I entered double biology I naturally shouted at Dan (the person I sit next to during biology normally) "Do you know who the HELL Therapy Alex is?"

He didn't. But he had a useful nugget of information. The night before, he'd been texted by a girl named Alex. He doesn't know anybody called Alex, and he didn't recognise this number either.

The plot began to thicken.

We discussed all the possibilities, how Therapy Alex could be like Charlie's Angels, and we were being tested as potential recruits. Or on the flip side of that same coin, we were targets for assasination by that group.

This was the point when we realised something which could not be a coincidence. There's an english teacher at our school called Miss Smith. She is mysterious. She knows us both reasonably well. Her name, is Alex. We realised the only credible explanation was that she, was Therapy Alex.

When we reached this discovery the fire alarm went off.

Dan agreed to text the girl back asking who she was and if she knew anything about therapy Alex, and we went down to the field. I looked on the field for Miss Smith, expecting to see her standing chatting with the other teachers. She was not there.

At this stage, I don't know much.

It has something to do with something in London.

Something must've happend in the last 3 years, as that's for how long I've potentially carried the number on my phone.

Miss Smith has something to do with it.

Dan has something to do with it.

"Therapy Alex" is watching me.

The next logical step, is to ring the new number for therapy Alex.

More details later, when I know more.

If YOU know anything about "Therapy Alex" or have any conspiracy theorys of your own, comment.

Detective Falquero, of the pink sparkly detective agencey, ends todays log here.
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